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Learn Basic Play Golf, Set Position Tee

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Certain golfer ever to use the Driving Range because that’s where the good practice for golfers place. practising Golf Course (from start learning to hit the ball, the ball until practice to try out the new yg club Golf Hotel). On various Driving Range (which a lot of scattered) is now rarely encountered Driving Bay which is still equipped tool to put the ball on the Tee. Probably because it doesn’t exist or is damaged.

Tee is a small plastic ball to support useful in order to float above the surface so it can be easily beaten when Teeing Off (initial blow).
When we practice using Wood 3 and above or Iron generally doesn’t need a Tee but as we know that when we practice Golf Course using a Driver (or Wood) or for beginners in using Iron though then then Tee still needed (Hotel Golf) an easier .\cara whose goal is to put the ball on the Tee with no BEND at ALL and very easy. Which of course you can try because of the way it has been successful in many people who try it.
Follow these instructions:

1. to initially use the Iron club (club = stick) that any number is up to you, depending on which you will be using at the time. But for beginners to Ulama.practising this way it will be easier to use large numbers such as 7, 8 or 9 because its more ramps.

2. place the ball (Hotel Golf Course) from container towards the front of the Tee. Do the tsb used the Iron club. When you have smoothly in this way then you can also put him behind the Tee.

3. your right Footrest on the left the Tee with a distance of approximately 2 cm from the Tee. Put your club on the right side of the ball.

4. Using the club they will slide towards the ball raup/your legs until the ball is wedged and try lifting a little ball of tsb (as you scoop out)

5. While still pinning the ball on foot roll ball over, Tee then lower slowly.

6. because of the element of the club head to shaft (except for the grip) is made of hard materials (steel, titanium, graphite, carbon etc.) certainly when lowering the ball (Hotel Golf Course) on the Tee tsb you will feel the vibrate the moment the ball is located on the Tee fitting (it also looks visually eye)

7. Swing club you are (slowly) towards right and slide your feet toward the left. The point is leave/let go of the ball that is already attached to a Tee.

8. Complete. Now you’re ready to ball at.

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