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The Dangers Of Warmed Food Too Often

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Store the leftovers in the fridge or at the dinner table, it’s been so many people’s habits. The rest of the meal, can be re-warmed or processed into new food, and eaten at meal times.

However, if not heated correctly, these turned out delicious food could lead to serious cases, namely food poisoning.

The reason, the quality of the food is not going to be better when warmed up. In fact, the additional oil when food is fried again could continue to overlap in the body. In addition, sometimes people don’t notice when the temperature warms the food. But make sure the heat is spread evenly when food is heated again, the utmost importance.

Food Standards Agency (FSA), the supervisory agency of the food standards in the United States, describe that rice is one of the foods to look out for to warm up again.

“The take-away Rice or sharing messages between should ideally be immediately consumed, especially rice or egg fried rice tasty that is often associated with the bacteria Bacillus cereus, a cause of food poisoning,” he said, cited Independent.

They also suggested an alternative to it, to cool the rice that is not consumed in the fridge, and only heated once again to avoid the risk of poisoning.

“If order frozen foods, the food should be heated in just a span of 24 hours. We recommend always dilute the food in the fridge, “he said.

“Before eating, make sure leftovers are reheated thoroughly reached the core temperature of 70 degrees celsius for two minutes or worth it,” he added.

FSA data, the number of overall cases of food poisoning due to reach one million per year. The FSA indicated that foods from poultry is the cause of the food poisoning cases, i.e. the largest of 244 thousand cases each year. While Campylobacter is the most common pathogens in meat, and be the cause of infection or poisoning with about 280 thousand cases each year.

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