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The Danger Of Too Much Sitting Can Shorten Lifespan

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If You want a long and healthy, start by limiting the time sit quietly every day. Too much sitting is proven to make age someone shorter.

A team of researchers from Brazil to analyze data from 54 countries and found a strong link between sitting more than 3 hours per day with the risk of death from a variety of causes.

Reduce time sitting becomes less than 3 hours per day is known to be increasing the life expectancy of more than two months.

The results of this research add to the evidence of the serious effects of length of too much sitting. Not only the enemies of the heart, but also shorten the lifespan. This is because regular exercise is not enough to reverse the damaging effects of most sitting.

Although already ample evidence of the dangers of too much sitting, but not easy asking for modern society change its habits.

Currently, most of the job requires someone more are behind the table, besides a long journey in the vehicle, and the lack of means of exercise around the House, being one of the triggers.

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