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Media ‘too afraid’ to publish rant


WA He says the Labor Party leader Mark McGowan media is “too scared” to publish comments published by the Liberal candidate Midland on tourism.

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media WA “too scared” to broadcast or publish ”

said Mr. McGowan appalling “Facebook posts for the candidate liberal fear” they’ll get complaints, “says the leader of the WA work Mark McGowan told reporters that only Sunday Times has informed all posts social media means “shameful” at the age of eight years for the liberal candidate for the Midland, Daniel Parasiliti.

Sunday Times revealed Mr. Parasiliti vulgar sexual comments to a woman on a group of opposition Facebook stolen generations apology.

When challenged his views on national apology indigenous Australians by a woman who said she was on the verge of “respect and compassion,” Mr. Parasiliti fired back that they should “go for a declaration *** in O including your mouth shut it”.

Daniel Parasiliti and his wife Alia.

Daniel Parasiliti and his wife Alia.Source:Supplied

The And provided posts in 2008 in the Facebook group was Mr. Parasiliti member called “Why should I say sorry …” bemoaning the national apology.

“Get your head out of your * se … How did we f *** things? He wrote Mr. Parasiliti. The Government has taken along with the churches and homes of these children away not genocide, but to help them “

, Premier Colin Barnett said on Monday, and provided jobs before Mr. Parasiliti become involved in politics and that it was his” full support “.

“, granted the man a break … have gone eight years ago,” said Barnett.

Mr. Parasiliti described his comments as “ignorant” and said: “it’s not what I defend him – that even now that “

McGowan said on Wednesday:” Parasiliti statements are so appalling won the media ‘t even run.

“When you are talking about, says the media,” and made some remarks in the past. “You will not even run because it is very shameful and appalling.

” does not that say something? It’s very shocking to the media to turn on the TV or put on the radio or run in the newspaper?

“I saw them in an article in one newspaper, and it’s a weekend, for all the rest of the media is too scared to run because they will get complaints from people about how disgraceful they

” so all I would like to say to Mr. Barnett and: show some standards. Do not run away from this issue. This man had crossed the line and you need to take some action “

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