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Man joined fatal fight ‘to rescue cousin’


A A man accused of unlawfully killing a stranger from punching him and stomping on his head during the battle joined the bar brawl to save his cousin, was Surpreme Court WA told.


a man accused of unlawfully killing a stranger from punching him and stomping on joined his head during a fight a fight to save his cousin bar, having heard Perth court.

New Zealand man very Beaumont, 33, was in a coma and died in Royal Perth Hospital on May 11 last year, three weeks after he was allegedly attacked by a 24-year-old Hubert-year-old Benjamin Humes.

heard the Supreme Court in Washington on Wednesday, Mr. Beaumont and a friend were leaving the commercial hotel in Northam, 97km north-east of Perth, on April 17 of last year when confronted by a group of people and a fight broke out.

Humes accused of punching Mr Beaumont in the face, causing him to fall and hit his head on the pavement, then stomping on his head, Mr. Beaumont, who shrouded unconscious on the ground.

In his opening speech, prosecutor Bernard Standish said in an interview with the police and confessed Humes punching the victim but denied stomping on his head

said Humes police grabbed him around the neck and then “knock this guy out.”

said Standish autopsy revealed Mr. Beaumont, who was working as a chef in Yongah Hill detention center, died from head injuries sustained during punching is.

said Paul Sullivan, the jury his client had joined the battle when his cousin saw the smallest get punched, adding that he hit the victim only once during

defense lawyer brawl.

“, and accused of effectively rescue his cousin,” he said.


Humes manslaughter, but the jury has the option to find. It convicted him on charges of less than unlawful assault causing death

ongoing trial

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