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Barnett rumours a ‘destabilisation bid’

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perpetuate speculation about the leadership of Washington premier Colin Barnett by those who deliberately. seeks to undermine the government, says treasurer Mike Nahan

property developer Nigel Satterley flagged recently command, which didn & apos leak; t come and now Dr Nahan, transport Minister Dean has emerged Nalder and MP liberal Nathan Morton held a special meeting on the state and include it in the position in 2014.


Dr Nahan Western Australia on Wednesday, the meeting was held at his home on Saturday, and he was surprised when Mr. Nalder arrived but “it was a private conversation, which ended very quickly, “

denied telling them liberals and couldn apos; t .. returned to power next year under Mr. Barnett

” in no time I was not, “said Dr Nahan.

“to work with anyone else to undermine Prime Minister someone threatens to clear the stability of the government. It is an attempt purposeful to destabilize the government. Whether it and include it in commercial interests, I would not have made. I do not know”

Dr Nahan stopped short of saying that the constant speculation fueled by Mr. Satterley, but he pointed out that the businessman is not satisfied with raising the land tax

pointed out that he had no desire to become prime minister and would step down only even if it is not there option

“if something sudden and violent event, and I was the only straight, yes, but let and apos; s made it quite clear, and we have made. I do not put my hand over the leadership of

. ” If Colin Barnett stood down, God forbid, I would like to support others. “


WA Deputy Prime Minister Lisa Harvey it would study its options if Mr. Barnett stood partly down through the third term, which fell formerly 19459096 ]

“I & apos ;. M standing next to I & apos; I look forward to fighting for the opportunity to lead the country, with the prime minister, from March 2017, “she told Radio 6PR.

took advantage of the opposition leader Mark McGowan on the controversy, saying it seemed the Liberal Party to be” in a state of chaos and dysfunction, behind planning against each other. “

,” he told journalists have ministers undermine clearly the Prime Minister and you have a prime minister in a state of war with a lot of people in the ranks. “

In response to a question about the impact of the sound leadership of WA on federal election, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said only Mr. Barnett, a great leader and that he made. d leave the political commentary of the journalists

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